428.62 €

  • Power: 2000  Lumen
  • Light Type:LED
  • Colour: Aluminum
  • Panel: 15W  Integrated
  • Battery:  3.7V - 26Ah
  • Motion detector: Integrated
  • Pole: not included
  • Anchoring basket 300 x 300mm: not included
  • Pole or wall installation: pole and wall
  • Main features / Aplication type
    " Features
    48 Epistar LEDs provide 2,000 Lumens
    Solar Powered
    Self-Sufficient Design
    IP65 Rated Waterproof
    Night Sensor
    PIR Sensor (Passive InfraRed)
    Multiple Mounting Options
    Compact and Portable
    NO Wiring!                                      
  • Aplication type                                                
  • →Residential streets                                           
  • →private driveways                                            
  • →walking paths                                                        
  • →urban local roads                                           
  •  →parking lots                                                                    
  • →bicycle lanes                                                       
  • →industrial areas"
  • Description:

"2,000 Lumen Solar LED Floodlight
Out of the shadows comes Wagan Tech’s 2,000 Lumen Solar LED Floodlight! Completely self-sufficient design, just mount and turn on to provide light anywhere you need it. Solar powered and waterproof (IP65 rated), you can set it up and forget about it. Mount on a fence, pole, wall, tree, or any hard surface, the 2,000 Lumen Solar LED Floodlight allows you to put light where you need it without having to run electrical wires to the power grid!"

  • System Components:

"LED: Epistar
LED Qty: 48
Color Temperature: 6,000K
LED Lumen (lm): 2000
Solar Panel: Monocrystalline 15W - 5.5V
Solar Panel Charge Time: 10 hours @ full sun
Initial Intelligent Mode Operation: 600lm first 5 hours of darkness
2nd stage Intelligent Mode Operation: 300lm remaining until daylight
Intelligent Mode Operation: Full 2000lm any time motion is detected
Night Sensor: Yes
Passive Infrared Motion Sensor (PIR): Yes
IP65 Rated Waterproof
Certifications: CE, RoHS, FCC, BV, and BSCI approved
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium
Battery Spec: 3.7V - 26Ah
Run Time: 3 Full Nights (36 hours) on single charge
Run Time (High): 4-5 hours
Protections: Over-charge and Over-Discharge
Working Temperatures: -25°C-65°C
Color: Aluminum
Case: Aluminum Alloy, Steel, & Glass"

  • Warrenty: 2 years

For read more information about this product, please download our PDF presentation:

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