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  • Roof type: Pitched  roof
  • Mounthing Type: BASIC TILED ROOFS
  • Colour: silv...

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  • Roof type: Pitched  roof
  • Mounthing Type: BASIC TILED ROOFS
  • Colour: silver
  • Wind load: Normal
  • Optional Black frame: 0.08


"Mounthing system for tiled roofs                                                                                                                

 Most of the houses  have roofs with roof tiles. By using the patented ClickFit system it is easier for the professional installer to install solar panels on the tile roof."

The ClickFit assembly system gets attached to the roof by means of roof hooks that are easy to install, which are attached to the batten. The barbs of the roof hooks ensure that the roof hook firmly grips onto the batten. There are height adjustable hooks available for older roofs that are not quite straight anymore. This allows for the solar panels to be aligned so that the whole gets a smooth appearance. Because roof tiles and battens have different thicknesses, there are three types of roof hooks so that a roof hook is available for each roof tile. There is no screwing or drilling into the roof, thus guaranteeing that the roof remains waterproof.
The mounting rail is simply clicked onto the roof hooks. The application of both the roof hooks and the mounting rail is easy and is done entirely without screws, bolts, nuts and tools.
The solar panels are hung onto the mounting rail by using the installation aid, so that the solar panels can be easily slid into the right place. The solar panels are subsequently screwed onto the mounting rail by using mounting screws and universal clamps. There is already a special screw thread in the mounting rail that simplifies the screwing in of the solar panels.                                                                         Materials and tools
The ClickFit assembly system is suitable for all brands and types of solar panels. The system is made of durable and high quality aluminium and stainless steel components.
There are special black clamps and caps for black solar panels that are placed over the assembly profile and the mounting screws. This gives the solar panels and the assembly system a complete black finish.
There is only a 10 mm socket wrench needed for the assembly of the solar panels."

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Click Fit

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