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  • Roof type: Pitched  roof
  • Colour:...

    Watts :

  • Roof type: Pitched  roof
  • Colour: silver
  • Wind load: Normal
  • Optional Black frame: 0.08


"Mounthing system for Corrugated roofs
Corrugated roofs are often found in barns and sheds in agriculture, livestock and industrial environments. In the past, corrugated sheets contained asbestos. The new generation of corrugated sheets are made from fibre cement or steel. It is easy to place solar panels on every corrugated roof by using the ClickFit system."


The ClickFit assembly system is attached to the roof by means of hanger screws. The hanger screws are screwed into the wood or steel purlins to which the corrugated sheets are also attached. In this way, the weight of the solar panel is not transferred to the (weak) corrugated sheet, but directly onto the roof structure. Height differences in the roof can be easily accommodated by adjusting the hanger screws. Hanger screws are available for both steel and wooden purlins. EPDM rubber provides a waterproof closure of the roof.

The mounting rail is screwed onto the hanger screws. For an optimal filling of the roof, the ClickFit system can be built up both as a single layer and as a very stable double layer system. The solar panels are screwed onto the mounting rail by means of the mounting screws and universal clamps. There is already a special screw thread in the mounting rail that simplifies the screwing in of the solar panels.   Materials and tools
The ClickFit assembly system is suitable for all brands and types of solar panels. The system is made of durable and high quality aluminium and stainless steel components.
There are special black clamps and caps for black solar panels that are placed over the assembly profile and the mounting screws. This gives the solar panels and the assembly system a complete black finish.
There is only a 10 mm socket wrench needed for the assembly of the solar panels."

  • Warranty: 20 years’ warranty

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