SIGMA - S (1000W off-grid power)

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This system is most commonly used for small cottages, vacation homes.

The system covers up to 1000 W off-grid power

* Average daily energy production is based on average yearly production of 1050 kWh/kWp. Maximum 50 % depth of discharge per C24 cycle has been taken into account for usable storage capacity. Number of battery cycles in stated considering 50 % depth of discharge per cycle

Bisol BMU-270-SW Premium
BISOL EasyMount Hook with Profile 50 (1×2)
Inverter off-grid Victron Phoenix C24/1200, 1200VA24V
Charger Victron BlueSolar MPPT 100/15 (12/24V-15A)
Battery Hoppecke AGM solar.bloc 12V 135, 12V-135Ah
BISOL S Off-grid system, set

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