1,449.00 €

  • Power: 30 W
  • Light Type: LED
  • Colour: Silver
  • Panel: BMU 270  Wp  BISOL Premium
  • Battery: 12V-135Ah
  • Motion detector: 214.438
  • Pole: 241.91
  • Anchoring basket 300 x 300mm: 27.73
  • Pole or wall installation: Pole
  • Main features / Aplication type:

→Automatic switch on/off function

→ European components of superior quality
→Configurable dimming timer

→Long service life
→Integrated photo sensor

→Generously equipped basic solution
→Automatic dimming & Motion detection option

→ Environmentally friendly
→Best price-quality ratio

Aplication type      

→Residential streets 

 →private driveways 

→walking paths

→urban local roads

→parking lots

→bicycle lanes

→industrial areas

  • Description:

Premium lighting solution with long and reliable service life                                                         

  This entirely self-sufficient off-grid solution for private, commercial and municipal use will illuminate entire communities without the need for excavation works, cable laying and public grid connection, at a much lower cost of ownership. Strictly top quality EU-made components distinguish the BISOL solar street light as an extremely reliable source of light with prolonged service life. Featuring automatic dimming, selfregulated switch on/off function and motion detection it promotes more responsible energy consumption and causes minimal light pollution.

  • Warranty:

General product warranty 1 year (1)
BISOL PV module 10-year product warranty, 25-year linear performance warranty on 85 % power output
LED light source 5 years
Battery 2 years
Solar charger 5 years
HDPE shaft 5 years (2)
Above ground cabinet 1.5 year
Pole 10 years (3)

All warranties are subject to individual manufacturer’s warranty conditions
(1) Applies under the condition that BISOL has delivered all Product components
(2) Must be installed underground
(3) Warranty on Zinc protective coating

For read more information about this product, please download our PDF presentation:

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